Counselling Support for Professionals

In the current climate there are certain challenges facing people in the work place, and in all professions. Stress levels are on the increase, whilst working hours are expanding. It is becoming increasingly more difficult for most professionals to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Having an outlet, a safe space to explore and offload some of this stress and anxiety is one way to address any unhealthy patterns that individuals may find themselves in. My aim is to help a person explore what those patterns are and how to manage stress in more effective ways, through the intervention of CBT.

Cardiff Counselling for Teachers

Teaching in the UK has its rewards and stresses.

There are currently thousands of teachers in schools across the UK, off work with stress related illness.

As a former teacher and examiner in various schools, colleges and universities, and having worked as a Counsellor with teachers in Cardiff, I am all too aware of the specific stress that goes with the job; the continual marking, preparing for examinations, ongoing lesson planning throughout the academic year and during holiday periods, and that end of term exhaustion!

These days there are considerably more challenges facing teachers. Society issues such as the breakdown of family life; accessibility to drugs and gang culture; and the ever increasing sexualisation of children and young people, all contribute to behaviours which teachers are trying to manage in the classroom, as well as deliver the syllabus!

I work to support Cardiff-based teachers from an understanding of the above and all issues that currently face those working in the teaching profession. My counselling approach is collaborative and interactive. My aim is to listen, support and work, using techniques that help to reduce stress levels and promote well being within a work/life balance.

Whether you are a primary or secondary teacher, college or university lecturer, head of department, or classroom support, the chances are you will be dealing with the above or similar stresses.

If you would like to contact me, please email or phone and we can set up an initial half hour consultation with a view to beginning Counselling.

BACP Accredited Counsellor

Mo Cahill - Cardiff CBT Counsellor - Member of BACP

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