Issues I Can Support You With

Negative Thinking:

We can all get stuck in negative thinking about the self, others and the world. If you feel stuck, low mood, or held back in some way, in your life or in your relationships, I can help you identify negative thought patterns and support you in developing ways to counteract negative thoughts and generate positive ones.


Most individuals will experience depression, at some point in their lives. Depression can cause a person to withdraw from work, social life and personal relationships. I can help you understand what your triggers are and work with you on improving your mood, well being and confidence.


Anxious thoughts can lead to physical problems, i.e. stress symptoms in the body and they can play havoc with our emotional well being. Anxiety can start off at a low level, but can turn to panic attacks, and cause serious distress in our lives. I can support you with recognising symptoms of anxiety and also explore which thoughts and negative self beliefs may be contributing to this. Through cognitive behavioural techniques we can work on strategies for coping

Low Self Confidence:

Confidence levels tend to change, according to what is going on in our lives. Most individuals carry insecurities and negative self beliefs from childhood and early teens. This can become a template in adult life which can prevent us from feeling happy and fulfilled in our work and personal lives. The first step is to understand why your self confidence is low and together we will work on ways to raise levels of confidence. This may be through behavioural exercises, which we will first agree together, and it may also involve some cognitive behavioural techniques.

Anger Management:

Anger is an emotion that everybody experiences. If you are feeling unable to control your anger, if there is a fear that you may be harmful to yourself or others, or if you feel that it is seriously affecting your relationships, then you may need support with anger management. I can support you in understanding what your triggers are, and show you strategies to cope.


At some point in all our lives, we will experience loss, through bereavement, the end of a relationship, moving away, changing jobs etc. Everybody experiences loss differently, I work with that unique individual experience, whilst you move through this process.


We are all in a continual process of learning, through relationships. The first thing a baby does, on entering the world, is cry out to relate and seek comfort through relating. If our self esteem is in a good place, we will be happier in our personal relationships. Many things contribute to the break down of relationships; work stress, financial problems, problems with intimacy, sexual issues, issues with body image, lack of trust. Often we carry negative thoughts and self beliefs from previous relationships. I can help you explore what the issues are that are contributing to your unhappiness and help improve self esteem and confidence that can lead to more trusting and fulfilling relationships.

Support for Teachers:

As a former teacher, I am all too aware of the specific stress that goes with the job. I work to support teachers from an understanding of the issues that currently face those working in the teaching profession. Find out more about counselling support for teachers.

BACP Accredited Counsellor

Mo Cahill - Cardiff CBT Counsellor - Member of BACP